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Our challenges

1. In Ogata, we grow “Akita Komachi” Rice on land reborn from a lake.

The nearby Lake Hachirogata, Japan’s second largest lake after Lake Biwa, is home to 70 species of fish and shellfish. Ogata’s soil was reclaimed from the dried lakebed of Hachirogata. Several minerals that are vital to crops are found in the soil.
Because of the wind blowing in from the Sea of Japan, there are very few insects that damage the crops, and so we are able to grow delicious and safe Akita Komachi Rice.

2.We are building a value chain that links rice making, to processing, right through to selling rice products

We don’t just produce rice, we also adapt it. We have factories for polished rice, rinse-free rice, germinated brown rice, rice flour, gluten-free rice pasta and also for creating emergency foods that avoid the use of 27 specific raw materials and shellfish. We grow the rice, process the rice, and then sell the rice to customers all across Japan.

3. We are thorough about quality control

Our specialized staff carry out various checks to analyze and measure pesticide residue, radiation levels, and vitamin and mineral content. We also meet international standards through ISO 22000 and ISO 14001.

4.We provide all kinds of rice (white rice, whole rice, brown rice, germinated brown rice) and health foods created out of rice.

Not only do we produce white rice, but we also produce whole rice which requires a high degree of technology, brown rice which we allow to sprout a little to increase the nutritional benefits of GABA, and regular brown rice which we treat with Soft Steam® to bring out its sweetness and to make it easier to eat – a product we call Kiseki no Waseda Kome Monogatari, literally the Miraculous Rice Tale of Waseda University. And rice with extra added vitamins and minerals. We make something for everyone.

5.We bring you delicious, easy, convenient recipes.

We have a wide range of recipes to meet everyone’s taste: Japanese, Western, Chinese or desserts. By adding ripe ingredients to our products you can make great seasonal dishes all year round. There are also some wonderful everyday recipes that taste great but are quick and easy too!

6.We are striving harder and harder to satisfy our customers.

Customers from all around Japan are ordering our products. When a customer buys our products, we want them to feel like calling us back again like a long-distance relative. We strive every single day to listen to our customers, so that they are not just satisfied with our products but also with the way we serve them.

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