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Greetings from our representative director

 The farmers of Ogata, a village in Akita Prefecture formed our company in 1987 with the mind to “deliver the rice that we ourselves have cultivated to consumers all over Japan”.

So that we can provide rice that is tastier and safer than any other rice, our specialist staff examine radiation levels, and analyze and check pesticide residue every single day. And not only that, with our focus on providing safe rice from a safe environment, we have passed the ISO 14001 (Environmental Management), and ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management).

And in order to get the most out of rice’s possibilities, we are working on the development of a variety of foods processed with rice.

In 2013, we installed a hot water jet type sterilized cooking system and began to produce healthy ready-meals). We also patented a new technology that produces brown rice that doesn’t need to be immersed in water and can be cooked quickly.

In 2014, we introduced a new aerated cooking system (also for making ready-meals). So that people with allergies can eat with peace of mind, we have created pouched foods for use in emergency situations that avoid the use of 27 specific ingredients as well as shellfish. They taste great and can be eaten warm even in times of emergency.
Since our company was established, we have overcome many difficulties, but through developing and processing rice, and through selling rice, we are now in a position where we are carrying forth our best efforts to pass on a legacy of farming full of hopes and dreams for the future of the younger generations. Our goal is to make the 株式會社大瀉村秋田小町生產者協會 the only choice for rice.

Representative Director
Ogata Village Akitakomachi Rice Producers Co., Ltd.
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